1. Madoc, Masci, Merthyr Tydfil: The Madoc Legend and the First Welsh Radicalism click here to view
  2. The Silurian Republic click here to view
  3. The Annual Gwyn Jones Lecture: Welsh Wizard and British Empire click here to view
  4. Castle Cinema, Merthyr Tydfil click here to view
Radical Wales
  1. No. 1, Winter 1983, ..And why I joined! Prof. Gwyn A Williams interviewed by Phil Cooke
  2. No. 3, Summer 1984, G.A.Williams, Memories of a Model European Mark One
  3. No. 4, Autumn 1984, Emlyn Williams, President of the South Wales miners talks to Gwyn Williams
  4. No. 7, Summer 1985, Gwyn Alf Williams talks to Ken Livingstone
  5. No. 8, Autumn 1985, Gwyn A Williams, How immaculate was my contraption
  6. No. 9, Winter 1985, Gwyn A Williams, A Welsh pioneer of African Freedom
  7. No. 11, Summer 1986, Gwyn A Williams, Unfee'd Advocate of the Disinherited
  8. No. 12, Autumn 1986, Gwyn A Williams, People's Remembrancers to a Welsh Republic
  9. No. 13, Winter 1986, Gwyn A Williams, Shoni Crydd - Exemplary Welshman
  10. No. 19, Autumn 1988, Gwyn A Williams on the Enchanted Glass
  11. No. 20, WInter 1988, Gwyn A Williams reviews Games with Shadows by Neal Ascherson
  12. No. 21, Spring 1989, Gwyn A Williams, Popular Front for Perestroika?
Llafur The Journal of Welsh Labour History
  1. Merthyr 1821: Lord Melbourne and the Trade Unions click here to view
  2. David Williams click here to view
  3. Dic Penderyn click here to view
  4. Dai Francis, People's Remembrancer click here to view
Welsh History Review
  1. Iron in the Making: Dowlais Iron Company Letters 1782-1860 click here to view
  2. Morgan John Rhees and his Beula click here to view
  3. The Making of Radical Merthyr click here to view
Planet The Welsh Internationalist
  1. Defending the USSR - Gwyn Alf Williams on growing up in Dowlais. click here to view
Guardian Books
  1. Campanion of Honour, review of A J P Taylor book Politicians, Socialism and Historians click here to view
  1. L J Williams and Neil Evans 1 click here to view
  2. Glanmor Williams 1 click here to view
  3. Gwyn A Williams as a television historian 1 click here to view
Other articles
  1. Remembrancer, a poem by Len Mullan 2 click here to view
  2. Heroes & Villains click here to view
  1. Find a grave memorial view here

1 Llafur The Journal of Welsh Labour History web site

2 Above Cynghordy by Len Mullan, Published in 1986

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