The Dragon Has Two Tongues: A History of the Welsh
Documentary (First broadcast in 1985)
  1. Where to Begin?
  2. When Was Wales?
  3. Aliens in Their Own Land
  4. The Norman Smash and Grab
  5. Under the Heel
  6. Swallowing the Leek
  7. The Gentry Century
  8. Rebirth of a Nation
  9. The Crucible
  10. From Riot to Respectability
  11. How Red Was My Valley
  12. Exodus
  13. The Death of Wales?

View the documentary here

Supporting packs
  1. The Age of the Princes view pack
  2. The Age of the Gentry view pack
  3. The Age of the People view pack
  4. Welsh Women's history view pack

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